Tripoli  Peoria  # 95


Tex and His Bruiser

Tex and his Sargent on Feb 18th

Tex and his rocket "SEE YA"   on Feb 18th

Pat & son Patrick with Phoenix and Sidewinder Missiles

Pat and the Land owner Pete Streid Checking the Altitude after flight on Feb 18th

Pat's FDR Rocket on a small M motor March 17th

FDR on her way UP

FDR Landing Picture Perfectly .......... Pictures by Craig

OMG  -- 12 inches in diameter 13 ft 6 in. tall with a 6 inch diameter motor

OMG  on a 20 ft tall tower on a trailer that took 6 friends to load.

O M G leaving the pad on a 93% full O at ThunderStruck in Indiana to 5822 ft.

MY Latest toy ........... OMG -2 is 12 inches in diameter and 16 ft 6 in tall it will be powered by a 100% O motor at Midwest power of 2012

Here you see the 2 builders of the OMG - 2  Tex and Pat -- She only weighs 178 lbs loaded..



Will with one of his neat little toys on Feb 18th on a big K Motor

Wayne's Rocket on a " K motor " Saturday Nov. 5th - 2011

Wayne's Heritic on a K-817 Green Diamond Propellant                      Wayne's Hexen on an L-803 Red Dragon Propellant

Wayne's Afterburner on a K-678 Red Dragon altitude was 5600 feet         Wayne's Hexen on a L-861 Green Diamond  altitude was 11,000 ft.

Waynes' Nemisis on his Green Diamond K-817 to 6700 ft.

Wayne's Hexen on an L-936 Blue Moon Propellant to 10,800 ft. March 17, 2012

A Picture of Metamora from Wayne's Vexen at 10,000 ft. March 17, 2012

Wayne's  Nexus rocket  -  L-942 Green Diamond  -  Altitude was 10,600 feet

at apogee (10,600 feet.)

Chub-Z   by Wayne     L-936 Blue Moon motor             Altitude 3200 feet          April 21st 2012


Before the Launch at MWP 9 ( Picture by Will Carney)

     Lift off on a Home made O motor ( Pic by Kurt Saves )

  She is Starting to lean    

   Beyond the point of NO Return   

  Everyone takes cover ... Here she comes    

  Bummer .......... it happened, She crashed    


After the Launch at MWP 9  " Houston, We have a problem "    (  Picture by Will Carney )

Pat's FDR Rocket ( Found Destroyed on Range )  3 different destroyed rockets to make one. Recovered by Police in Metamora.

Chuck Swindlers' Wildman Jr on Chucks' own  J-900 38mm/10 grain

Craigs' successful Level 2 Rocket on Aerotech J 90 and Fliers on January 7th, 2012

Craig finding his Level - 3 flight with his Biological Tracking System - Agnesi
The on-board flight data recorded a barometric altitude of 16,871 feet and a top speed of 1,697 feet per second (which would be Mach 1.52 at standard temperature and pressure).  The motor size was not reported. M- something. His daughter on the same day certified Level-2  Congrats to both Craig and Stephanie.

Kurt with one of his birds on Feb 18th

Scott Friesth with his LOC Rocket on a J420 for L-2 Certification.

Scott and Pat after the L-2 flight .....Perfect condition..  Welcome to L-2 Scott.